BElpearl Myanmar

Known throughout history for their unparalleled quality, Burmese pearls have a legendary reputation. Belpearl Myanmar was founded in 2013 with the goal of cultivating the most outstanding South Sea pearls deep within Myanmar's fabled Mergui archipelago.To accomplish this, Belpearl Myanmar assembled a team of Myanmar's foremost experts in cultivating the Pinctada maxima to produce pearls of the highest quality possible.


Farm started to operate


People employed

20 000

Pearls yearly produced


Community buildings built

Belpearl Myanmar

About Farm

The Belpearl Myanmar Pearl Farm is located on Russell Island, known locally as Shwe Kyun (Gold Island) owing the gold mine that the island was once home to. The island is uniquely well suited to the production of pearl oysters, owing the strong submarine currents that flow around it providing minerals and nutrients that allow oysters to thrive here.


Farm launched by Belpearl Group


People employed by 2020

200 000

Pearls produced by 2020


Community buildings built by 2020

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Belpearl Group

Founded in the 1930's the Belpearl group covers all aspects of pearling, including pearl farming, trading , auctioning and pearl jewellery production. The company is the brand name for its own pearl farm, auction platform and jewellery line.

Auctions Hall

The first dedicated auction space of its kind, the Pearl Auction Center provides a fully furnished and serviced event space with over 5000 sq ft. with abundant natural light as well secure logistic facilities, making it an ideal event venue for the gemstone industry.

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Belpearl Jewelry

Finest pearls accompanied with gold and diamonds, the Belpearl jewellery collection is available internationally through select jewellery houses as well as through the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus in the United States.

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Belpearl Myanmar Pearl Farm

Located on Russell Island in Myanmar, the Belpearl Myanamar pearl farm specializes in the production of both golden and white South Sea cultured pearls.