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Operations & Responsibility

From the outset Belpearl Myanmar has sought to raise the standard of pearl farming, by actively balancing the needs of the environment with the needs of the community.


Relying on our own oyster stock, Belpearl Myanmar maintains a professional oyster hatchery, growing the Pinctada Maxima species of oyster. In this way the farm can depend on a reliable stock of oysters without endangering wild oysters stocks.


For the highest quality pearl harvests, pearl oysters need to be continually monitored throughout the 5 year process required to produce a single pearl. Pearl farming involves the constant diligence and forecasting to make sure all farm processes are optimized.

Pearling Technicians

Belpearl Myanmars Pearling technicians expertly conduct seeding grafts to produce pearls as well as harvest operations to retrieve pearls. Requiring delicate hands and focused concentration, oyster technicians ensure that oysters produce the best pearls possible.


From the outset, Belpearl Myanmar has sought to be an example of responsible pearlicuture, reducing its already minor carbon footprint by utilizing renewable resources, such as solar generated power.

20 000

Oysters were grown in 2020

30 000

Oysters planned for 2021

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Community & Safety

Belpearl Myanmar takes an active role as a member of Myanmar's southern Mergui archipelago, committing a portion of its annual revenue directly towards a variety of community efforts including supporting local education programmes, disease prevention efforts and disaster relief and assistance. Furthermore, since pearl farms constantly require a team of divers to maintain oysters underwater for long period of time, Belpearl Myanmar sponsored the education and certification of the internationally recognized P.A.D.I diving standards.


People employed


Families supported

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Environmental Responsibility

Despite pearl farms being inherently low impact operations, Belpearl Myanmar conducted extensive environmental impact assessments prior to it's establishment and  maintains the standards set in it's Environmental Code of Practice that is actively enforced by Myanmar's Ministry Of Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation. (MONREC). Additionally, by 2021 Belpearl Myanmar will be the first pearl farm in the country to produce over 25% of its power generation requirements specifically from the adopting solar power technologies.

3 KM

Beach line cleaned weekly

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We are transparent

Environmental Impact

We believe that responsible pearl farming provides livelihood opportunities while producing a gem that requires as little environmental degradation as possible.  having. By being transparent we aim to be clearly communicate our limited impact, as well encourage other pearl farms to innovate wherever possible to reduce their carbon footprint even further.

Monthly Fuel Consumption


Power Generation


Boat Fuel

3000 ltr

These figures present the monthly energy requirements for the operation of the farm.